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What Can Go Wrong With AC Installation?

As summer has arrived, it’s necessary to prepare your air conditioning system. However, if your AC unit is outdated and malfunctioning, it might be the right time to consider an AC replacement in Jersey Village, TX.

8 Common AC Installation Mistakes

If you are considering installing your AC unit yourself, you should know it is not as easy as it may seem. Read below for the eight most common AC installation mistakes and solutions:

• Choosing The Incorrect AC Size

You must make the right choice while installing an AC in your home to avoid further problems. You can consult a professional for AC installation in Jersey Village, TX, before purchasing the AC unit to ensure it is the right size for your home.

• Improper Placement of The Thermostat Installation

Your thermostat needs to be placed where it can accurately estimate the temperature. If your thermostat is exposed to sunlight or a heat source, it will give false readings.

Consult with a professional to get the proper guidance on where to install the thermostat.

• Too Much Refrigerant

Adding too much refrigerant while installing the AC unit can cause the system to freeze and stop working properly.

To avoid this problem, you will need a professional to recharge your system and add the right amount of refrigerant.

• Improperly Sealed Ductwork

If you have improperly sealed ductwork in your home, the air will leak out from the ducts, causing your AC to work harder than usual.

To fix this issue, you will need a professional to inspect your ductwork and seal the leaks.

• Refrigerant Pipes Are Too Long

If the refrigerant pipes are too long, your system can lose pressure, and your AC unit can freeze. If your AC is not blowing cold air and has stopped working properly, this could be the issue.

Call a professional to shorten and adjust the length of your refrigerant pipes.

• Water Leakage

Water leakage results from an improperly installed condenser or leak in the ductwork. If you notice the presence of water around your AC, call a professional for its inspection and perform the necessary repairs.

• The Condenser Was Placed in The Wrong Area

The condenser needs to be placed in the right location to ensure the proper functioning of your AC unit. If the condenser is placed in an area exposed to sunlight or other heat sources, it can overheat and break down.

Consult a professional for AC installation in Jersey Village, TX, to get the proper guidance on where to place the condenser.

• Vents Are Placed in The Wrong Area

If the vents are placed in the wrong area, it will prevent the even distribution of air throughout your home. It will lead to cold spots where some rooms are cold while others are hot.

To solve this problem, you will need a professional to visit your home, assess your vents, identify the issues, and make adjustments.

If you are having trouble with your AC or need a professional AC replacement in Jersey Village, TX, our HVAC contractor in Jersey Village, TX at Quality Air Houston has you covered. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.