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Single Zone

Single Zone (Ductless)

Ideal for heating and cooling small spaces like single rooms or supplementing your current system.

These ductless HVAC systems are best suited for providing air conditioning for single rooms, additions and supplemental support for problem areas in larger homes. Because Daikin provides a zoning solution, you will have control over the comfort of each area fitted with one of our units.

Single and Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling Systems Brochure
Single and Multi-Zone Solutions Brochure with Wall Unit Display

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Daikin air conditioners provide SEERs up to 19, in streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units paired with quiet and compact outdoor units.

Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Daikin heat pumps provide HSPFs up to 12.5, making Daikin systems efficient and effective even in extreme environments.

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